We are IEB Translation Services

IEB Translation Services is a linguistic services provider present all around the globe. We produce 1.5 million words a month with a 30,000-word daily output in a combination of language pairs.

We are an ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified company, which guarantees a high standard in our production and quality processes. Check here our certificate

We specialize in legal texts, with more than 1,000,000 words every month, and medical and scientific texts, with a 400,000 word average every month.

We translate to more than 150 languages, and offer localization and multimedia solutions.

We translate to English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Asian and Arabic languages, in every combination. 18,000,000 words yearly!

Time factor

Our team can deliver up to 50,000 words every day, going through all the two-step internal quality control processes, on top of the ISO certification.

Certified experts

We work with a team of more than 450 specialized certified linguists and translators, selected under ISO 17100 standard for translation quality.


Our Project Management team has the specialized knowledge to successfully lead every project and deliver a high-quality final translation in a timely manner.


Our global network enables a yearly production of 18 million words.


Our Quality Assurance process begins right at the first translated phrase. Our 10 In-house editors, 10 In-house translators and 2 Quality Managers guarantee a daily production of up to 50,000 words with strict quality controls.

Key Services

Servicios de traducción de legales

IEB Legal Services

Traducción de salud y farmacología

IEB Health and Pharmacology

Servicios corporativos de traducción

IEB Corporate Services

About us

Born more than a decade ago in Buenos Aires, Argentina, ieb Translation Services is currently a global agency with a large client portfolio in a growing market that’s more demanding with each day. Watch our corporate video to learn more about us.