ieb Global Translations is a translation agency based in Buenos Aires, Argentina that have been in existence since 2008.

We work with many clients, from all over the world, mainly in English, Spanish & Portuguese. With a team of over 100 freelance translators/editors that work everyday on new and exciting projects.

We specialize in translation, edition, proof, localization, subtitling, transcription & post-editing MT, we also offer training for freelancers and stay tuned for many upcoming training sessions. This course will introduce the benefits of Post-Editing Machine Translation, a new service that is gaining more popularity in the translation industry.

Learn what machine translation is? What the benefits are? And learn the best way to post-edit MT to get the best profit for your business!

A brief overview on CAT tools and translation memories for post-editing will also be covered.

Don’t shy away from post-editing. Learn how it can become your best friend.

What are the requirements?
You should be a freelance translator/editor
You should be interested in Machine Translation

What am I going to get from this course?
Be able to understand what machine translation is?
Be able to learn tips on how to post-edit machine translation
Be able to recognize the benefits of post-editing machine translation
Be able to build a profitable business by delving into this area

What is the target audience?
Freelance Translators/Editors Translation Agencies Project Managers

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