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The legal context requires great precision and accuracy in the use of its terms. That is why a legal translator must be more than an expert in languages; he or she must also be versed in law, which provides clients a deep comprehension, without error, of the legal terminology used, and of course, of the very culture of the industry in each country.

At ieb Translation Services, we understand that our legal clients need much more than simple language and translation services as support for their strategies of documents disclosure and global lawsuits, and that is why we have a team highly trained in legal translations capable of translating up to 20,000 words per day with excellent and verified quality.

Within this field, we render translations of certificates, technical documents (expert witness reports), legal documentation, transcriptions and contracts, among others. Contracts are one of the most habitual type of documents requested by our clients around the world.

Habitual Translation issues

We leave here and interesting contribution made by the digital magazine La linterna del traductor, which after analyzing the typical structure of a contract and it most habitual translation issues, it examines concrete cases of verbs, technicisms and other very frequent expressions in these texts.

Some of the possible translations for the verb “(to) grant”, which admits up to 7 different options depending on context and the nouns it is accompanying.

The “declaraciones y garantías” can be “emitidas” or “formuladas”:

The Representations and Warranties granted by the Seller. Las Declaraciones y Garantías emitidas/formuladas por el Vendedor.

The “poderes” and “licencias” are “otorgados”:

License granted to Buyer. Licencia otorgada al Comprador.

The “garantías reales” are “constituídas”:

Promise to grant a Security Interest over the Fixed Installations. Promesa de constituir un Derecho Real de garantía sobre las Instalaciones Fijas.

And, you can “dictar” “sentencias” or “autos”:

Upon a final judgment granted by the Court. Una vez el tribunal haya dictado sentencia firme.

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