A good Project Manager

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7 characteristics that we consider of the essence in our Project Managers

There are many characteristics that make a work request to have a good result. From the translators working on it to the tools used. But it is also of the essence to have a good Project Manager. Ultimately, they are the ones who control all the process, from start to end.

Normally, when a client starts its journey with us, it usually asks us what a translation Project Manager is. This entails explaining what are the characteristics that make them unique: their skills, their strong points and their week points, because they are essential for the communication process with the client.

What are the characteristics that make someone a good project manager?

This is the eternal question that, at some point, all agencies ask themselves to know who they should appoint as project manager. The answer is not that simple, and it is not always limited to the following characteristics. Even so, we consider that these are key to distinguish a good Project Manager:

  • They are good at doing several things at the same time: The obligations of a Project Manager are diverse. They help translators, they develop and coordinate projects. In addition, they manage different projects in different languages simultaneously. Multitasking is part of their routine. Being able to carry all that burden is fundamental, not only for the project, but for the health of the very project manager.

  • They have excellent communication skills: when you develop a translation project, the manner in which you communicate with all the parties is key. The client must be kept satisfied and, at the same time, the team must work comfortably.

  • They are problem-solving: the are challenges and problems that we face every day. And this also applies to translation projects. During the process, the Project Manager must be capable of solving problems as they appear in the best way possible. They must find solutions and not excuses. This way, the project will come to fruition, and the team and clients will be satisfied with the work done.

  • They tend to have a positive attitude: they face very stressing moments during their work day. It is fundamental for the Project Manager not to give in to daily pressure. They must know how to face the tough moments. In addition, when they have a positive attitude it is a lot easier to go to them, since business conversations will go more smoothly.

  • They are organized: Project Managers must face several aspects of the same project, such as preparing a budget, creating a work and edition schedule, etc. To be able to carry out all these tasks, they must be organized individuals. There cannot be loose ends, because this would imply a delay in the delivery of the project to the client, and that is inadmissible.

  • They are flexible: they must deal with many things. From presenting technical solutions, to implementing changes in the translation process. They have to know how to adapt to changes, and also how to foster them. This makes clients feel their proposals are being heard and their needs considered.
  • They are patient: they must have a concrete attitude when dealing with everything. The long working hours and the problems they may face make it likely for them to lose their temper easily. That is why not everybody is fit to work in certain areas, nor to assume certain responsibilities. By having a patient person, the team will find it tranquilizing to talk to them, and clients will always appreciate the treatment they received.

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