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For non-linguists, buying translations can be frustrating. Every document of the company is as important as the company itself. Would you put your business in the hands of an amateur? The answer is obvious and clear: no. The same thing happens with information. If you are considering translating your documents or your business material, you cannot leave that in the hands of an amateur.

But, what should I do to make sure I get a good translation?

The suggestions in this blog are aimed at reducing stress and helping you get the most out of your translation budget.

What language do your readers speak?

Spanish for clients in Madrid or in Mexico City? British or American English? Contact your foreign partners to find out precisely what is needed. Register is also important. German for doctors and medical personnel, or for healthcare consumers? Are you selling savings products to the general public or investment funds to financiers in Luxembourg?

Speak your readers’ language. Put yourself in their shoes, and zero in on how your products and services can serve their needs. Be concrete. Be specific. (The same applies to your source promotional materials, of course.)

Tell the translator what it’s for

A speech is not a web site. A sales brochure is not a catalog entry. A graph heading is not a directional sign. An article in The National Enquirer is not a prospectus for an Initial Public Offering. Style, pronounceability, word choice, phrasing and sentence length—all will vary, depending on where your text will appear and what you want it to achieve. An experienced translator will probably ask you for this information; make sure you know yourself.

Be sure to tell your translators what your text is for, so that they can prepare a foreign-language version with maximum impact for that particular audience and medium.

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At IEB Translation Services, more than 12 million words are translated annually. English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese and Asian and Arabic languages; all of them in all their combinations.

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