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What makes a good translation?

The simple mastering of the target language of a text to be translated is not enough.

Having been born in the target language country doesn’t make you a translator, either. That is the true complexity of translating! To attain a good translation, of course, the spelling, grammar and syntax must be impeccable. However, the culture of the speakers of the source and target language must also be perfectly integrated.

Anthony Burgess once wrote: “Translation is not a matter of words only; it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture.”

A Good translation agency is capable of managing requests independently of the domain of the activity, either for technical, marketing, business, legal, financial or medical translations, among others.


Criteria to evaluate a correct translation

Here we have some good criteria to consider when finding a good translation agency and avoiding a trouble. A good translation agency must comply with:

Objective criteria: Spelling, grammar, syntax and punctuation must be impeccable, follow common sense and the pace of the source language.

The semantics of the source text: There shall be no misinterpretations, omissions or additions. It requires sticking to the original ideas in the order initially chosen.

The target culture: The source text must be adapted to the target language so that it can be perfectly understood. For example: when translating “the presents that Santa Clause will bring”, in Argentina we must use “Papá Noel”, as Santa is known; in Chile,however, the one bringing presents is the “Viejito Pascuero” – even though both countries are next to each other and Spanish is also its mother tongue!

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