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ieb Translation Services has a unique global team with the mission of working in multiple projects, which allows for the production of specific works, with a consistent quality, and of great volumes, at an extraordinary pace, flexibility, focus and scale.

 “Today, thanks to new technologies and an increase in global cross-dependency, countries, cities and offices are no longer the rule. We work remotely from anywhere in the world, reducing the carbon footprint, in line with the best green efficiency standards”, expressed Nancy Cortell, Commercial Director of ieb Translation Services.

Part of the IEB Translation Services team from its offices in Buenos Aires. In connection via videoconference with Spain, England and another argentinian city reviewing the improvements to be implemented in the production processes.

At Ieb Translation Services we translate more than 12 million words a year into different languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, as well as Asian and Arab languages – in all combinations.

We specialize in legal and medical translations.

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