Corporate translations services: Do not incur extra costs in hiring

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Would you put your business in the hands of an amateur? The answer is obvious and clear: no. The same thing happens with information. If you are considering translating your documents or your business material, you cannot leave that in the hands of an amateur.

But, what should I do to make sure I get a good translation?

When it comes to hiring services, you can consider the following characteristics which guarantee the delivery of a good work.

  • For quality translations, objective competences of the translators are essential. The translation agency only hires official translators and has a vast network of specialists in different areas.
  • It has the capacity to tackle large-scale projects with trustworthiness. When translating large volumes, the risks for the translation not being consistent grow, jeopardizing all the material.
  • The translation agency has and can prove independent revision processes after a first translation, as well as quality control processes. A freelancer does not have an entire team of experts available to him/her
    The agency makes use of the best technologies depending on the needs, the work focus and the characteristics of the translation project.

What about costs?

Budget is undoubtedly fundamental when making a good decision. Many people choose services offered by freelancers for finding them more convenient, but as the old saying goes: “If you buy cheaply, you pay dearly”.

IEB offers adequate and personalized solutions.

  • Monthly fee
  • In-house Project Managers
  • Preferential price per word
  • Solutions customized for your business

We hope you find this information useful. 

We can assign a team specially advocated to your company’s projects.

You can contact us here.

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