COVID -19: Patents and inventions, translation and its importance

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As the world moves to quickly address the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is turning to the life sciences industry for answers, new therapies for treatment and vaccines.

IEB Translation Services’ Life Sciences team counts with the necessary knowledge and experience to help companies accelerate their mission in the current crisis.

IEB Translation Services has worked for more than a decade with innovation leaders in the scientific and medical care: biotechnology, pharmacology, clinical research, and medical devices companies trust our translation services, precise technical terminology knowledge and adequate localization.

We are specialists in medical texts, with an average of 400,000 words every month.

We know your needs and we have developed service packages tailored to you.


Patents are complex, technical documents which give inventors, designers, and creators the right to exploit their inventions exclusively. The translation of patents is an essential step in the management of intellectual property rights.

Patenting a new invention gives you the right to use it exclusively and helps you to prevent other people from manufacturing, using, selling or importing the patented product or procedure without your permission.

This is the reason why the translation is a significant ally; therefore, it is crucial that the translation is of the highest quality.

Hiring translation experts services will speed up times and prevent unnecessary delays.

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