A day to celebrate love

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Kuyakuykim (I love you): A day to celebrate 

At ieb Translation Services we love languages. Working with words makes us aware of their importance and power. Behind every language there is a nation and its culture.

This February 14 we want to celebrate love by sharing some beautiful words in Quechua, which is the second most spoken language in some Latin American countries; after Spanish. 

Currently, just 3% of the world’s population speaks 96% of the almost 6,700 languages that exist in the world. According to the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, indigenous people make up less than 6% of the world population but they speak more than 4,000 languages.

The UN declared 2019 the International Year of Indigenous Languages

Preserving indigenous languages

It is estimated that 40% of the 6,700 languages which are spoken worldwide were endangered. The fact that most of them are indigenous languages jeopardizes the cultures and knowledge systems which they belong to.

Approaching this issue is crucial for indigenous communities because they represent a different worldview, they have a great and complex knowledge which has developed over the course of thousands of years thus being paramount for the culture and identity of indigenous nations.

In an attempt to collaborate with this recovery, we give you a list of some nice phrases so that you share them with your special person. Let’s celebrate love.

Khuyakuq = Lovely.

Khuyayku = Sweetheart.

Khuyayki = I love you.

Munay = Whim, willingness, wish, beautiful, nice, pleasant, desirable.

Munayki = I appreciate you.

Waylluyki = I adore you.

Waynay = My boyfriend, my girlfriend.

Sunquchallay = Darling.

Yuyariway = Remember me.

Yanay = My boyfriend, my girlfriend.

Yumanakuy = To make love.

Kuyanakusun = To love each other.

Wayllunakusun = To adore each other.




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