Evolution ieb: the take-off

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A growing platform

Part of the ieb Translation Services team gathered to work on the details of the development expected for January 2019 of Evolution ieb, a platform specially developed to support the work of our network of
translators, in addition to providing the necessary support answer the growing demand for our services.

ieb Translation Services has a global team with a mission to work on multiple projects, allowing the production of specific projects, with consistent quality and large volumes, at an extraordinary pace, flexibility,focus and scale. That is why the platform is increasingly fundamental.


At ieb Translation Services, more than 9 million words are translated annually. English, Spanish, German, Italian, French and Portuguese (in all their combinations).
From the reception of the projects, their allocation, appointment, follow- up, translation, editing and delivery of the finished service, the Evolution ieb platform plays an essential role.

As a result of a decade-long experience of the agency in the market, the software that supports the digital platform was developed ad hoc and improved through constant use. This road allowed the ieb platform to
grow stronger. “Evolution ieb is getting ready for 2019. These past two years, the agency has grown by 40% annually. Our goal for next year is 60%. The platform and its improvements will be ready to achieve this
growth goal,” stated Nancy Cortell, Commercial Director of ieb Translation Services.

ieb Translation Services is a 100% virtual agency. To support the vast network of translators, Evolution ieb has become essential. “Nowadays, thanks to new technologies and the rise of global interdependency,
countries, cities and offices are no longer the standard. We work remote from anywhere in the world, thus reducing the carbon print, in line with the best environmental standards”, they add from the agency. “Evolution ieb allows us to guarantee quality work and its timely delivery with the best environmental standards. The future is today and at ieb it is sustainable, and we are already living it.”

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