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IEB Translation Services is a company specialized in translation and proofreading in the main European and world languages. Our main fields of expertise include legal, medical and pharmaceutical areas, as well as finance and business.

Commitment: IEB Management has undertaken the commitment to implement a Quality Management System, based  on the ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 international standards specific for translation services.

As an integral translation service company, our role is to help other companies to communicate with culturally different markets, by transmitting the concepts and ideas of their brands, corporate identity, products and/or services.

With a clear purpose: to increase their sales abroad and improve their communication with the target audience of those translations. We has the mission of offering quality translation services that are an authentic reflection of the expectations of each client.


Our Quality Policy is based on the following principles:

  • The satisfaction of our clients, by providing them with a high-quality product and services that suit their needs and expectations.
  • The search for continuous improvement in our work processes and technical means.
  • The retention of a highly specialized human team, aware of their roles and responsibilities, to ensure compliance with the requirements of our customers and other interested parties as well as the legal requirements applicable to our activity.

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