Going out to the world: Translation services to export

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Despite Pymes [small and medium-size companies] concentrate about 80% of the national production, they practically have no effect on international commerce. According with the data from the Fundación Observatorio Pyme, only 2 out of 10 small and medium-size companies export products. The new Exchange rate and the shrinkage of the internal market pose a new scenario where the possibility of attracting the market abroad is gaining supporters. Is your company considering exporting? Then, it is necessary that you do not overlook any detail.

A correct, accurate communication and fitted to the language of your future client is of the essence. Overcoming the commercial barriers, in an increasingly globalized world, language cannot be an obstacle. The correct translation and preparation from the company web page, leaflets, technical documents, manuals and labels, in the case of products, is essential to strengthen, a company and ensure the expansion of your company to new markets.  

Since the beginning of 2018, 1100 operations were registered by 218 companies, according with the data of ExportaSimple, a state program aimed at fostering exports between Pyme.

Exports are, on average, from 3,500 to 4 thousand dollars, and the design industry is an intensive user. 76 countries were the destination. The main destination continues to be The United States, and among the new markets, China, Estonia and Lithuania stand out.

In the Pyme area, among the companies generating services based on knowledge, the software and computing services are still one of the areas that expand the most outside the local market. Diego Tobaldi, one of the owners of Assert Solutions, with offices in Argentina and Colombia, exports its services and explains it as follows.

“To tailor communication products and the language to the client is of the utmost importance for the success of the business. Language is often the most important obstacle. In the type of work that we perform abroad, in our case, mainly software development and testing, there are daily meetings which require our professionals to not only speak the language correctly, but also to be trained to interpret the needs of the client, to execute the Project, mitigate problems, etc.” And he adds, “When one intends to expand to new markets, although it is true that clients do not hire you just because of the look of the web page, it is important for the presentation and description products of your company to be in the language of the person making the purchase and hiring decisions. And, in addition to being flawlessly written, that it is written in a clear, direct way and that it accurately describes the differential services provided by your company.”




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