Happy birthday to ieb!

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11 years in the market, and many more to come!

Our history

Ieb was born in 1995, with Nancy Cortell, in the neighborhood of Belgrano, Buenos Aires City, Argentina. It was initially thought as a language institute that taught adults and children in person. Both, Claudio Martínez and Marisol García, current partners in ieb, were part of the institute at different stages.

Around 2005, the institute begins a transformation process. While searching new horizons, the chance to translate the first documents arises.

On September, 21, 2008, a new era begins, consolidating the transformation that gives place to the creation of ieb Translation

Services. With a 100 % online presence, the first international clients appear.

In 2014, Claudio Martínez and Marisol García come back to work alongside Nancy Cortell, establishing the current structure of ieb Translation Services.

Between 2016 and 2017, a new ally arrives: ieb’s online platform, Evolution, which allows for global, remote and online work on a never before seen scale. The company grows with the number of projects we take on.

By the end of 2017, Projects and Production departments split and a PM team working in different shifts is created for each department.

In 2018, our 10-year anniversary, our PM team is fully stable, and we make our formal arrival in Chicago, U.S.A. The company reaches 12 million words translated in a year.

This year, 2019, we developed a unique system that guarantees one more quality control step with the creation of our In-house Quality Department. We broke our record of translated words per day (15 thousand) and per year (18 million).

Through a strategic alliance with Alphasur, our global projection is stable and widens. ieb is in its way to get ISO certifications for translation agencies.

And this is just the beginning… 11 years in the market, and many more to come!

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