Happy New Year

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ieb Translation Services’ staff is ready for a toast.

There are many reasons. It has been a good year, and a new one is about to begin. 

  • Our company has finally certified ISO Norms.
  • We broke new projects and words records, going from 12 million translated words in a year, to 18 million words.
  • Our Quality Department finished the year with 50 million words (between edition and final eye), reviewed completely in-house.
  • We added one more quality control step than the usual on the market, new language pairs and new services.

Thank you to everyone that made it possible.

At IEB Translation Services, more than 18 million words are translated annually. English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese and Asian and Arabic languages; all of them in all their combinations.

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At ieb Translation Services we offer multiple services such as localization, subtitling, voice-over, and DTP. We cover multiple areas in order to meet our client’s needs, making your project our number one priority.

Translation agency certified by ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015

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