Ethics, diversity, time factor, quality and empowerment.

Upon receiving a project, we evaluate: scope, complexity, length and any other special consideration that may arise. Based on the time factor decision, we feed the network with all the insights to start the production of the project. It is the responsibility of the ieb Translation Services team to find ways to successfully ensure that the project is delivered on time. This is a challenge due to the huge number of network members who are qualified to make a successful final delivery.

At the same time that the production stage begins, our quality assurance process starts based on the request’s guidelines, time window and quality checks or whatever else is required.

Leadership is a critical part of our process as it takes vision and skill to find the right people to communicate concisely and with clarity what is required in order to deliver a quality translation within the time frame.

In ieb Translation Services we work with certified translators and linguists in accordance with the highest international standards. Our jobs are assigned in a transparent manner. We believe in acknowledgment and the immediate adoption of good ideas, and all jobs and roles are assigned on the basis of the certified experience of our professionals.

Our team is empowered via training, provision of the latest technology, facilitation of new CAT tools, providing them at lower costs. We thrive due to a work life balance philosophy that allows us to be anywhere and which values flexibility and team work.

ieb Translation Services priorities and power come from networking and the time factor

We are able to deliver and sustain quality and big volumes of work thanks to the power of networking, our collaborative spirit and the profound importance we place on time and efficiency.

Our networking model keeps us independent and accountable

We value independence, cooperation and free will. We know we learn from our mistakes, we record them, analyze them and find critical paths and protocols to prevent them from happening again. We value mistakes, but we do not accept them to be repeated over and over again.

From technology, an era of new flexibility

Today, thanks to new technology and the increase in global interdependence, countries, cities and offices no longer apply. ieb Translation Servicesl has a single, global team with the mandate to work on multiple projects, allowing the production of consistent quality, on-time deliveries and large volumes, at an extraordinary pace, flexibility, focus, and scale.

We focus on tipping-point moments of crisis and opportunity

We are positive that crises are mere reflections that a change is necessary, and we act upon them with solid convictions and practical resolutions.

We’ve got a team where gossip, drama, internal power struggles and all that draining stuff just doesn't exist.

Instead of fragmenting, we grow

united by values

We recognize that different people are good at different things, so we value diversity and instead of pulling for resources/consensus, each of us simply decides whether to participate in any particular project at any given time and level.

The underlying ieb Translation Services action is a set of values—

• The conviction that we are all human beings first, and privileged with responsibilities with each other, future generations, and the planet.

• The way we work is an expression of those commitments and that is why we give priority to networking, diversity and the time factor. We are very aware of the importance of the reduction of the carbon footprint and we keep it at a minimum with our use of digital resources.

• We are flexible, adaptable and effective. We have a profound respect for the environment and for every living creature and we believe communication builds the gap between differences.

We are building a bridge towards a diverse, conscious and justice-oriented world.

We walk the walk and talk the talk

It takes two to tango