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We have a decade of experience with law firms, companies, and corporate legal departments.

We have 10 in-house editors, 10 in-house translators and 2 Quality Managers that guarantee up to 50,000-word daily production with strict quality controls.

We specialize in legal texts with more than 1,000,000 words per month.

“In the middle of the Chinese New Year and in the midst of the start of the coronavirus pandemic alert, we received a technical, economic / legal request to translate 200k into Chinese. Despite the complex global situation and thanks to our solid structure, we were able to satisfy this requirement and the client achieved to deliver the urgent document on time”.

Micaela Aznar, IEB Project Manager

We know your needs and we have developed service packages tailored to you.

We work with a team of more than 450 specialized linguists and translators, selected under ISO 17100 standards for translation quality.

Contact us. A Project Manager will give you advice and take all your requirements within an hour, so you can commit your attention to your business.

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