IEB Task Force for agencies: End-to-end Services for Translation Agencies.

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On 2020’s first meeting, the ieb Translation Services’ Management Team presented its plans and projections for all their business units. The one that got special attention –for its performance through 2019 as well as for its scope in 2020 – is IEB Task Force for Agencies, a special team intended for providing end-to-end translation services to other translation agencies in the market.

“ieb’s client portfolio is wide in rage, but the companies that trust us share something in common: the need to count with large translation volumes at a competitive price, in very short time and quality requirements under the best international standards. Translation agencies are not the exception”, describes Nancy Cortell, ieb’s Sales Manager and adds: “when the client is a translation agency, to us the entire process is even more operational because we perfectly well know their needs. We are a translation agency! And we perfectly know how to provide what it needs in order to be able to conduct their projects successfully in front of the final client.

Translation agencies may have a team specially advocated to their projects: IEB Task Force for agencies, with all of its knowledge and experience. “Groups for special projects not only work together, they are a solid team formed by ieb’s representatives and the client in search for the best possible service”, summarizes Cortell.


Cortell describes that IEB Task Force for agencies is the ultimate solution for agencies since quality, a key in all operations, has all needed certifications when these become a requirement to the owner of the project. “ieb is ISO 9001 and 17100 certified. Those international standards allow translation agencies to obtain and offer, at the same time, to their own clients the entire traceability circuit of a project and the quality assurance, of course”.

The service destined to translation agencies is available for long-term projects, but it is also available to board rush orders. 

IEB Task Force for agencies offers:

  • Detailed analysis of the task and its requirements.
  • Assignment of the best professional team to achieve the project’s success
  • Exclusivity and permanent communication with the Project Manager.
  • Best efficiency assured through specific CAT tools.
  • On-time deliveries and ISO certified Quality.
  • Competitive rates.
  • All-year availability.

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