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Ieb translation services, together with its staff and translation team celebrating its first decade of existence

Ieb is created in 1995, with Nancy Cortell in the neighborhood of Belgrano. It starts as a language institute which taught on-site classes for children and adults.

Towards 2005, the institute begins a transformation stage. In the search for new horizons, the possibility to start translating the first documents appears.

In 2008, more specifically, on September 21st, this transformation is consolidated in a new stage and ieb Translation Services is born, now as a translation agency with a 100% virtual presence.

The first international clients appear, and the agency continues growing along with the projects.

In 2014, Claudio Martínez and Marisol García are incorporated as partners, consolidating ieb Translation Services as an agency with different departments.

Between 2016 and 2017, a new ally to our projects is born: the ieb platform, which is currently growing, and we hope it will become an allied tool for all of us who makeup ieb: linguists, PMs and the different areas of the agency.

At the end of 2017, we take a new step forward in our growth by dividing the projects and production departments and creating a staff of PMs that work in different shifts for each of the departments.

And we finally arrive at 2018: the anniversary of our first 10 years… with an internal and stable staff of 10 people that make up the different departments of ieb. Our areas of specialization are legal and medical translation, and we have a team of freelance linguists formed by more than 50 translators, editors, transcribers and proofreaders.

“I am proud and immensely thankful for these 10 years of work. We have achieved a solid team made up of quality and efficiency that adapts to the avant-garde of remote and eco-sustainable work, which grows and improves on a daily basis”, expressed Nancy Cortell, Commercial Director of ieb Translation Services.


Thank you for being part of ieb Translation Services and together building an agency in constant growth.



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