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There are very few certified translation agencies in Argentina and around the globe. ieb Translation Services is one of those. Our translation agency has obtained ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 International Standards certifications.

These certifications give our services a higher value. “We are pleased with this certification. We know the quality of the services provided by our company, which is why we expected this result. This certification reaffirms the international excellency level of our work”, said the agency’s manager

Marina Aguilar from Socis S.R.L, who accompanied ieb during the certification process, agrees: “After the certification, ieb has consolidated its translation processes’ standardization, making them more solid. The company’s Management may take their strategic decisions based on data rather than perceptions, and thus enhancing their efficiency”.

With more than a decade of experience and a hundred of certified companies under her advising, Aguilar refers to the great work done by our company’s team: “In the final stage of the certification, a great engagement from the entire staff has been reached, an aspect that has been highlighted by the auditors, turning it into a strength. According to my criteria, the final stage of the certification was fundamental for the project’s success and its sustainability. The fact that ieb is now certified under both standards generates confidence on clients, international recognition and improves the company’s image.

Marcelo Renzulli, TÜV Rheinland’s – the German certifying Company chosen by ieb – auditor adds that this benefit is also extended to other actors: “Certification is a differential not only for clients but also for the associates and shareholders as well. It is also a differential for the employees involved.”

Regarding the specific certified standards by ieb Translation Services, he adds: “For a company such as ieb, these certifications add an opening key into new markets. For companies that provide services, both the 17100 and the 9001, are highly important for that expansion. They give you the possibility to work at global scale being able to demonstrate the capacity that the organization has in order to satisfy these standards’ requirements and the requirements of a more demanding and competitive market.”

Born a decade ago, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, ieb Translation Services is currently a global agency with a client portfolio of a growing market, and more demanding every day. The certified ISO standards allow us to guarantee our clients in U.S.A., Mexico, France, Arab Emirates, China, etc. that the company’s processes and our work are governed by the values of the world’s best existing practices.

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