When every minute counts, count on us

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Whether you handle foreign immigration cases or are expanding your business into a market with new legal requirements, we’ve got your translation needs covered.  

Legal texts require great precision and accuracy in the use of correct terminology. When every minute counts, count on us. 

We know your business

We deliver a full suite of legal translation services, including: legal texts, agreements, interpreting services, contracts, litigation certificates, court rulings, corporate policies.


We have a decade of experience with law firms, companies, and corporate legal departments. We can provide a team specialized in technical translations and trained to adapt to your needs, and service packages tailored to your every need.

  • Monthly fee
  • Preferential price per word
  • In-house Project Managers
  • Service tailored for every project

We are ISO 9001 and ISO 17100:2015

Our company works seven days a week to provide the best service for your company.

Contact us.

“We communicate simple, we make it easy”

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