More than words: Business without borders

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In Ieb Translation Services, we translate more than 12 million words per year.

 English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese and Asian and Arabic languages; all of them in all their combinations.

Our translation agency is capable of managing requests independently of the domain of the activity and the quality of the services we provide is crucial. 

At ieb Translation Services we specialize in legal and medical translations.

Negocios sin fronteras


Wirtschaft ohne Grenze

We work with legal translations since they are one of our most important fields of work. Our experts are not only versed in translation, but they also perform the legal adaptation so that documents do not contain errors, which we are aware must be mitigated and minimized in this as well as in all the fields.

For quality translations, objective competences of the translators are essential. Do they hold degrees in the translation field? Do translators have significant experience? Do they specialize in one or more areas (technical, legal, medical translation, etc.)? Can they be as trustworthy with large volumes? We only hires official translators and has a vast network of specialists in different areas.

The ieb Translation Services team guarantees your project’s success.

The agency has dedicated Project Managers who have managed hundreds of translation projects. Experience is a priceless and non-transferable asset.

Having translation Project Managers guarantees that the best experts in the specific area of your company (legal, pharmaceutic, industrial, etc.) will provide advice to you on how to solve your translation needs and put together a project to successfully carry it out.

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