Our Internal Quality Department breaks records

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As part of its improvement and optimization plan, at the end of 2018, ieb Translation Services created a Quality Department within the structure of the agency. One year after opening, the Department exhibits incredible results that exceed all anticipated goals.

Our Quality Department reviews an average of 1,500,000 words per month between its two roles. In November, an internal record was broken, and the two-million-word mark was surpassed.

The agency estimates that the Department will continue to increase both in capacity and quality based on projected growth and planned new hires for 2020.

“The incorporation of the In-House QM service allowed us to better monitor the work of our extensive network of translators, raising our standards and controls to achieve the process that ensures the highest excellence in our deliveries,” said Nancy Cortell, Commercial Director of the translation agency. 

Our quality process at ieb Translation Services consists of three steps: Edition, Proofreading and Final Eye.  All steps are performed internally. “We are very happy that the whole quality process can be carried out within our structure. It helps us to have a more direct look at the final work that our clients receive,” Cortell added. 

Since its creation, the Department has gained strength in processes, teams and operation to respond to the increased demand for the agency services. “The team grew during the year, the number of members increased fourfold. We are currently eight people working on a regular basis in the team and there are three more people who reinforce it when necessary,” describes Lucas Bonelli, Quality Manager at ieb Translation Services.

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“In July 2019, some projects were also decided to be edited internally. In this way, greater control was gained over the quality of final delivery,” Bonelli adds. Results speak for themselves. In terms of word volume, internal edition grew from 300,000 words to almost half a million in November (491,500).

The new structure is in line with the ISO 17100 quality standard.  Its purpose is to describe the service provided to clients through a set of standardized procedures to ensure the best results.

Atieb Translation Services we translate more than 12 million words a year. English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Asian and Arabic languages, in all their combinations.

We offer multiple services including, but not limited to, localization, subtitling, voice-over and DTP. We have a wide variety of areas covered to meet the needs of all our clients and make top priority each project of our agency.

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