Overachieved Goal: Record Word-Count

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“In 2018 we translated 12 million words”

The meeting at the Buenos Aires office was a success. And that’s no wonder. The results were record.

The revision of the growth goals for the year that has just ended showed that they were not only met, but surpassed. And more than surpassed. This is a great scenario to work in 2019 and to keep betting on expansion.

Ieb Translation Services used to translate 9 million words. In 2018 we managed to surpass that number by 3 million. In 2018 we translated 12 million words. This growth reflects the fact that the improvements we made to the working structure paid off”, said Claudio Martínez, Financial Manager of the agency.

Meanwhile, Marisol García, HR & Recruitment Director, who is responsible for selecting and assembling the teams, said: “We are happy and proud of our global and highly professional team. Without that dedication and commitment to the work performed, it would not have been possible.”

Nancy Cortell, Commercial Director, adds her comments of praise to the qualified team and continues: “Our customers saw this growth and also noticed that it is possible. Growing in volume without compromising quality. Twelve million words are the result of a great effort but, above all, of a team that has no roof”. And to leave no room for doubts, she also says: “The contracts with new clients allow us to foresee an expansion of 30 percent for the English<>Spanish and Portuguese<>English language pairs”.

At Ieb Translation Services we translate into English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Asian and Arabic languages −in all their combinations. We specialize in legal and medical translations.

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