Patents and inventions: translation and its importance

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Patents are complex, technical documents which give inventors, designers, and creators the right to exploit their inventions exclusively.

Patenting a new invention gives you the right to use it exclusively and helps you to prevent other people from manufacturing, using, selling or importing the patented product or procedure without your permission.

The translation of patents is an essential step in the management of intellectual property rights.

This is the reason why the translation is a significant ally; therefore, it is crucial that the translation is of the highest quality.

In the registration, all the documents should be in the original language of the jurisdiction where the product or inventions is recorded. Apart from the crucial translation, you should hire professionals who know the existing protocols, procedures and paperwork necessary to get the concession title o record which state that the creation belongs to the solicitor.

Hiring translation experts services will speed up times and prevent unnecessary delays.

In ieb Translation Services we work with a team that specializes in this kind of projects.

The challenge of translating patents

In this kind of translation, when a chemical product or a technological device is referred to, an excellent job is paramount.

It should take the following characteristics into account:

  • Language should be direct, clear and concise.
  • The translated words should describe the original text exactly, be literal, with no cultural equivalents.
  • The technical vocabulary should describe the invention adequately.
  • The translator who is in charge should be familiarized with the formats required by the patent office where the documents will be handed in.

At ieb Translation Services, more than 12 million words are translated annually. English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese and Asian and Arabic languages; all of them in all their combinations.

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