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ieb Global Translations is a translation agency based in Buenos Aires, Argentina that have been in existence since 2008.

We work with many clients, from all over the world. We translate to English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, ItalianAsian and Arabic languages -In all its combinations-. More than nine million words annually!. With large team translators/editors that work everyday on new and exciting projects.

We specialize in translation, edition, proof, localization, subtitling, transcription & post-editing MT, we also offer training for freelancers and stay tuned for many upcoming training sessions. This course will introduce the benefits of Post-Editing Machine Translation, a new service that is gaining more popularity in the translation industry.

Learn what machine translation is? What the benefits are? And learn the best way to post-edit MT to get the best profit for your business!

A brief overview on CAT tools and translation memories for post-editing will also be covered.

Don’t shy away from post-editing. Learn how it can become your best friend.

What are the requirements?
You should be a freelance translator/editor
You should be interested in Machine Translation

What am I going to get from this course?
Be able to understand what machine translation is?
Be able to learn tips on how to post-edit machine translation
Be able to recognize the benefits of post-editing machine translation
Be able to build a profitable business by delving into this area

What is the target audience?
Freelance Translators/Editors Translation Agencies Project Managers

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