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The simple mastering of the target language of a text to be translated is not enough. Having been born in the target language country doesn’t make you a translator, either.

That is the true complexity of translating! To attain a good translation, of course, the spelling, grammar and syntax must be impeccable. However, the culture of the speakers of the source and target language must also be perfectly integrated.

A Good translation agency is capable of managing requests independently of the domain of the activity, either for technical, marketing, business, legal, financial or medical translations, among others. And also can provided the most qualified team for each project.

Ieb Translation Services only hired best suppliers. “The clients have in us and it assures them that we work according to a highly specialized and recognized standard”, affirmed Nancy Cortell, Commercial Director of the company.

Every translation service, according to the best practices in the market must go through at least two stages: translation and revision. All aspects of the translation process have a direct impact on the quality and provision of translation service.  In our quality control process, we have three stages. 

In Ieb Translation Services, we translate over 12 million words per year: English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese and Asian and Arabic languages; all of them in all their combinations. We specialize in legal and medical translations.

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