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ieb Translation Services is growing to offer a better service.

As part of its optimization and improvement plan, ieb Translation Services announced the opening of a Quality Department within the agency’s own structure.

“Adding a QM-In House position allows us to better monitor the work that our wide translators’ network carries out; this way we raise our standards and controls to achieve the process which ensures the highest quality in our deliveries”, said Nancy Cortell, the translators’ agency Commercial Director.

The quality process consists of three stages: Editing, Proof and Final Eye. To develop this last stage the agency used to have an external service. “We’re very pleased that the whole quality process can be carried out within our structure. It allows us to go through the final work that our clients receive in a more straightforward way”, she added.

The new structure is aligned with the work plan that seeks to certify and comply with the quality ISO 17100 standard. The aim is to explain our service offerings to our clients by means of a group of standardized procedures to guarantee the best results.

ISO Quality 

Specifically, this international standard for translation agencies establishes within the Production Process that:

  • The different stages of the production process be described in detail: the project management, the translation and self-verification of the translation performed by a professional translator, the comprehensive proof of the translation performed by a second linguist, the concept and tests correction (when the client hires these services that have an added value), and the final verification and delivery of the translation carried out by our Project Manager.
  • In addition, as to the quality and proof, it establishes, on the one hand, that the proof must be carried out by a another person different from the translator, and, on the other hand, it specifies the professional skills of each of the participants involved in the process.

“In a translation job, time is of the essence.” At ieb Translation Services we’ve proved that speed and promptness also mean quality and excellence in each delivery. Splitting each process, each part of the job, and giving it professional status truly makes all the difference”, Cortell concluded.

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