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We have a decade of experience with law firms, companies, and corporate legal departments. We can provide a team specialized in technical translations and trained to adapt to your needs, and service packages tailored to your every need.

What do we offer?

  • On-time deliveries and ISO certified Quality guaranteed.

Our team is trained to receive all your requirements and apply them from the beginning of the project to the final delivery.

We have the experience required to solve difficult situations in short deadlines, always delivering the highest quality in accordance with the highest international standards in the market. We are an ISO 9001 and 17100 certified company.

  • Greater efficiency warranted by the use of specific CAT tools.

The main advantage is, without a doubt, the acceleration of the translation process and all that it implies. In addition, considering very long texts, it is possible, in some cases, to reduce the total cost up to a 30%, depending on its repetitions.

The network of translators of Ieb Translation Services has the best support tools to guarantee the clients the success of their projects.

  • Competitive rates.

Our Products:

Monthly fee: A specialized consultant will contact you to assess your requirements and agree on a monthly rate.

Preferential price per word:  The best fixed price per word in the market.

In-house Proyect Managers: If your production volume is very high, you might want to be appointed an In-house Project Manager to handle all your requirements immediately.

Solutions customized for your business:  We can assign a team specially advocated to your company’s projects.

  • Round‑the‑year availability.

A Project Manager will assess you and receive your projects so you can fully devote yourself to your business

Do you need legal translations? Don´t throw away your savings.

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