Specialized Medical Translation

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Throughout history, translation has greatly contributed to scientific and technical progress, it has enabled access to knowledge and has been critical in producing and distributing that knowledge.

In this sense, Medicine has been one of the sciences that flourished the most thanks to the work of translators. For example, the Arabs received the Greek medical legacy and produced original works thanks to the contribution of the activity developed in the House of Wisdom in Baghdad; likewise, Classical and Renaissance translators played a key role in transmitting and preserving the great works of Medicine.

Medical literature, as a scientific discipline, is naturally linked to scientific-technical translation. Despite the obvious relationship between medical translation and scientific-technical translation, however, medical translation is becoming increasingly consolidated as a restricted academic specialty.


The field of Medicine is extremely broad and so is the spectrum of translations. It can vary from Internal Medicine, Pharmacology, Surgery or Public Health, to Nutrition or Virology, among many other specialties.

Documents can be very varied: Medical Files, Medical Supplies, Insurance Documents, Informed Consent Forms, Discharge Forms, Scientific Publications, Medical Records, Hospital Records, Laws and Regulations, Clinical Study Reports, Clinical Protocols, Clinical Trials, Medical Reports, Other Reports, Scientific Research, Results of Tests and Analysis.

Also, the degree of specialization is very high, with the resulting use of very precise and highly specialized terminology. This would be the case, for example, with the production of research articles and their dissemination in medical journals.

At the other end, there would be the writing and dissemination of brochures for patients or the general public, which provide specific information about a type of disease or drug, or which give recommendations for disease prevention and relevant conduct.

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