Team work and training: news from Chicago

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Ieb Translation Services is Global

The optimal and very competitive rates of that meet all quality requirements of the global market allow ieb Translation Services to expand its presence in new markets day after day. In March 2018, ieb Global decided to make its official landing in the United States and with that in mind, we began to set up a Sales team that is up to the challenge.

Nancy Cortell, Commercial Director of ieb Translation Services, just arrived from Chicago, explained the details of this new bet of the agency. “We have allied with Acquirent since April, a leader company in sales teams, and we started a market research to see which were the pillars of the American market to be able to make a grand and effective entrance.”

ieb Translation Services’s Director provided training to the team that works in Evanston. The team was trained intensively on the characteristics and inner workings of our translation service and in what makes our services so different from others:

  • Permanent deliveries and assistance from 7 AM to 10 PM, Monday through Friday.
  • Assured quality with 4 steps of quality reviews.
  • Translation + Edition + Proofreading + Final QA.
  • Teams of native translators with degrees in translation, capable of producing up to 20,000 words per day.

This way, new clients will have excellent translations at competitive rates thanks to iebTranslation Services, specially in specific fields where a good translation is crucial to guarantee a good outcome, such as general legal services for law firms and specifically oriented to migration proceedings (birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.) or translations for the medical field or the scientific community.




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