The Language of Patents

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Not everyone can translate patents with enough clarity to avoid unnecessary litigation. A good patent translator should have extensive training in the subject area as well as a firm understanding of the legal content of the patent.

Your intellectual property must be protected around the globe.
Patent translations need to be handled swiftly and reliably
considering critical assets are at stake. 

ieb Translation Services offers accurate translations for your patents and IP.

Even the most basic content of the patent can contain translation problems.

Just one wrong or imprecise word can measurably impact strategic patent quality. Our team of translators possesses the required blend of technical and linguistic skills and experience to enable the effective delivery of high quality and technically precise patent documents.

Here are a few examples to illustrate these issues.

Example 1

From about 5 to about 9

  • This is a common phrase found in patent documents that describe a range of values or units. Normally, a translator would use a non­repetitive style such as ‘from about 5 to 9′ or ‘between 5 and 9,’ which essentially mean the same thing. However, in patent terminology both instances of ‘about’ must be translated exactly as they occur to maintain clarity and exactness.

Example 2

  • ‘caracterizado porque’ in independent claims for Mexico
  • ‘caracterizado además porque’ in dependent claims for Mexico
  • ‘en donde’ in both, dependent and independent claims for Chile and Argentina.

‘wherein’ translates to:

Different locations that use the same language, such as Spanish, use different translations for the same term. These nuances are only known to those who have been trained in the patent field.

With an extensive number of subject matter experts familiar with the patent industry and its associated terminology, ieb Translation Services is uniquely qualified to meet the needs of international patent firms. Our offices offer round-the-clock service.

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