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The first version was launched in 1989. This version allows the creation of simple or professional documents. It is the most popular text editor in the world. However, not everybody takes advantage of its tools which are the most usually known such as, spelling, synonyms, charts, different types of text, images, etc.

Word is nowadays essential for people and organizations. The translation world is no exception. This text editor is also one of the most used tools by translators. Learning about its features, from the point of view of translation and text edition, is fundamental to increase productivity.

If we could count the hours with spend in tasks as simple as moving through the document, restructuring tables or applying fonts, we would realize of the great amount of money we are not earning.

That is why Ieb Translation Services launches a training program on this tool aimed at improving the performance of its translators and, especially, to teach which are the practical applications of a series of characteristics which are usually unknown about this tool.

Go team, Go!

Marisol Garcia, head of human resources of the company, said the following regarding the future training: “We want our team of translators to feel comfortable with the different tools to tackle the projects, so that they can focus on the translation and the tools become the support element to achieve their goals.” The workshops and training will continue in 2019, since according to Garcia, the purpose of the company is to make tools be an ally of work.

What’s the benefit for the client for translators to have the best tools and the best knowledge of them? The benefits for the client are several but, Garcia indicates that the main one is cost reduction. “The better use of tools allows shortening the delivery times, maintaining quality.”

The course material will be supported by video, and it covers the different aspects of the tool which are always aimed at optimizing its use. Cynthia Triviño, Project Manager of the company in charge of content, assures that after taking the course, translators will learn, mainly, to format their translation and to take advantage of the different translation and/ or edition tools and, in addition, this will allow them save time in their work and improve productivity and, therefore, profitability.

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