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ieb Translation Services offers transcription services in multiple languages including but not limited to Portuguese, English, Spanish, and French.

We offer a complete experience in which our native transcribers transform your audios, videos, movies and meetings or calls into text.

Our expert team of vendors use a toolkit of software tools to offer adaptability and excellency to our customers.

Transcriptions made quickly and efficiently

Our services have been requested by a wide variety of clients, mostly associated with the legal and medical industries.

  • Call transcripts for legal fines (911 calls)
  • Video Transcripts
  • Meetings / Medical meetings
  • Call transcripts for insurers
  • Commercial transcripts

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At IEB Translation Services, more than 12 million words are translated annually. English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese and Asian and Arabic languages; all of them in all their combinations.

Negocios sin fronteras 商业无国界。 Wirtschaft ohne Grenze  


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