Translation mistakes – sign problems

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Lost in translation

In these holidays, millions of tourists around the world travel through different destinations to look for the well-deserve rest and unique experiences. Language is no longer an issue to visit a place. Main cities have signs on the Street, places of interest, hotels, meunes, etc., with indications in several languages to provide the tourists a more accesible experience, without language barriers unless you experience what these tourists had to go through, who have registered and shared in the networks these true findings.

The best signs are clear, concrete and brief. Like the saying goes: “Less is more”. But the author of this phrase had not considered what happens when what is less, is mistranslated. How many mistakes is it posible to make in a few words? The authors of these texts show that they can many.

Too literal or too many mistakes. Or a good combination of both. Come and see…


Rumor has it that love is just around the corner; but in this case, it can be inside this loving elevator! Lovely!


I don’t know about you, but I’ve just lost my appetite.


Oop. And I don’t have pocket change.


To have a good time! There’s nothing like taking a good shower and having good weather. So turn off the rain and enjoy. [T.N.: “Shower” is translated as “rain” in Spanish]


I’ll be left with the desire to ride barefoot. It is not allowed in this mall. 😛  [T.N.: “Riding” is translated as “riding a horse”]

Free of charge. But you know, only take the luggage of foreigners.

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