5 Steps To Ensure Translation Quality Assurance 

by | Jan 30, 2023 | Quality Assurance

A translation service is only as good as its translation quality assurance. That means ensuring you have the right team of linguists to establish a quality plan for output. But what role does the client play in translation quality assurance? As a client, there are five steps you can adopt to ensure quality and prevent mistakes in your translation output. 

Easy Guidelines For Creating Quality Translations

1. Create Ready Source Content 

Always optimize the source text while considering the international audience; that way, different people in different locales will be able to read and understand it. 

2. Develop A Glossary 

Establish all terminology for
professional translators to maintain consistency throughout all translations. 

3. Timely Allocation

Reach out to the translation service handling your project early to give them enough time to produce high-quality translations. 

4. Reference Materials

Provide useful resource materials for reference. For legal translations,  provide the legal document translator with as much context material as possible. 

5. Establish Review Process 

Establish an in-house team to review the translated material and determine that the protocol translation delivered is per your expectations. 

Final Take 

One thing translation services owe their clients is translation quality assurance which can be obtained by integrating these steps. Our translation services go above and beyond to maintain client requirements while delivering quality in any format translation. Reach us any time for your translation needs; we are happy to help. 



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