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Is your company considering exporting? Then, it is necessary that you do not overlook any detail.

If you are working with written documents—a user manual for your German customers, billboards for a sales campaign in Argentina, reports filed in Chinese by your new subsidiary in Shanghai that you must read and understand—you need a translator.

Translation Getting it Right

Think international from the start

Avoid culture-bound clichés. References to your national sport may well fall flat. Ditto literary/cultural metaphors. Tread carefully with references to parts of the human body, viewed differently by different cultures.

If you wish to project an international image, you will probably be better served by a less ethnic approach. In many cultures, awkward or sloppy use of the local language—especially by a native English speaker—is not amusing. It is insulting.

Keep some local flavor if you like, but check with your foreign-text team to make sure that adaptation is possible.

Tell the translator what it’s for:

A speech is not a web site. A sales brochure is not a catalog entry. A graph heading is not a directional sign. An article in The National Enquirer is not a prospectus for an Initial Public Offering.

Style, pronounceability, word choice, phrasing and sentence length—all will vary, depending on where your text will appear and what you want it to achieve. An experienced translator will probably ask you for this information; make sure you know yourself.

New markets

When one intends to expand to new markets, although it is true that clients do not hire you just because of the look of the web page, it is important for the presentation and description products of your company to be in the language of the person making the purchase and hiring decisions. And, in addition to being flawlessly written, that it is written in a clear, direct way and that it accurately describes the differential services provided by your company.

ieb Translation Services’ team can guarantee the success of your project  by delivering the quick turnaround, accuracy, terminology expertise, experience and confidentiality you need.

Ask for your on-line quotation or click HERE to make your query.

We translate more than 18 million words a year into different languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, as well as Asian and Arab languages – in all combinations.

Translation agency certified by ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015

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