Translations: a growing industry

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The growth in the translation industry is a fact.

Reach in a more effective way to global audiences is a must.

Stakeholders in the translation and localization industry don’t expect the demand for services and technologies to taper off any time soon. Experts in the field expect to see growth among language services suppliers in 2020 and beyond.

Some languages such as Asian and Western European languages will certainly be in high demand. New opportunities will drive the market, including African languages too.

One global initiative that will have a huge impact on customer experiences and digital localization is the new Silk Road—the initiative to connect China and other parts of Asia more closely to Europe and Africa.


Many companies see the business opportunities these languages bring. As the internet penetration rate is growing in many countries, most companies need to become multilingual to consolidate their positions in local markets.

It will create more products, more content, and more need for translation and localization services on those languages.

For instance, Arabic has over 300 million speakers worldwide from 28 countries.

As for another growing language on the internet, Google estimates that by 2021, Hindi-speaking users will outnumber Indian internet users that speak English, as India will have more than 700 million people online.

Enterprises and organizations like call centers, news outlets, and even online retailers have a greater demand for dynamic and flexible translation services in real time.

The trend for all global clients is to consider localization effectiveness of the final project as well as high quality translation.

At ieb Translation Services, more than 12 million words are translated annually. English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese and Asian and Arabic languages; all of them in all their combinations.

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At ieb Translation Services we offer multiple services such as localization, subtitling, voice-over, and DTP.

We cover multiple areas in order to meet our client’s needs, making your project our number one priority.

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