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In Ieb, the quality of the services we provide is crucial. For this reason, we seek alignment with the best practices in the market through the implementation of the ISO standards.

Our Agency started to comply with all the processes related to the certification of ISO 17100. A quality standard which establishes the competences and qualifications that the people in charge of linguistic tasks, such as translators, reviewers and other linguists, should possess.

This international quality standard specifies all the requirements for all the different stages of the translation process which affect directly the quality of the translation services provided.

The certification process started in 2019.

Independent translation and revision

Ieb Translation Services partners, including Marina Aguilar, Technical Director of Socis S. R. L., formally started the certification process in Buenos Aires’ headquarters, where the first work meeting was held. What is the benefit to the client? “It increments the confidence the clients have in us and it assures them that we work according to a highly specialized and recognized standard”, affirmed Nancy Cortell, Commercial Director of the company.

The most important aspects of ISO 17100:

  • The so-called translation is only one of the stages of the process.
  • The quality is warranted by a revision made by a professional other than the translator.
  • Translators always hold a professional qualification and more than five years of experience.
  • Each of the participants in the translation process possess excellent professional competences: not only translators, but also reviewers and project managers involved in production.
Every translation service, according to the standard ISO 17100:2015, must go through at least two stages: translation and revision.

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