3 Key Trends In The Translation Industry 2022


by | Dec 15, 2022 | IT News

If the last two years are any proof, with great crisis comes great opportunity. The translation industry has gained a strong presence as the world has gone virtual. As more people embrace the online world, the technical translation services have thrived, with three trends peaking this year.

What Is Trending In 2022?

  1. Multilingual SEO Strategies 

The demand for global markets has developed multilingual SEO strategies to better organic search content. Techniques like On page, Off Page, technical SEO, and content localization have boosted engagement and expanded international online presence at affordable costs. 

  1. MT Adaptation

More people and companies are lining up behind machine translation as part of a quick translation service option. With its affordable costs, MT has been adopted by many in the translation industry; digital marketing translation services, and customers alike. 

  1. E-learning Platforms 

E-learning has been a hot topic for the past three years. It has broadened the availability of knowledge resources, making it easy to study online and learn new skills. Translations have been a big part of this, extending the reach of e-learning through remote interpreting, video translation and subtitling services. 


The translation industry has had peak times in the past year. Looking to build an international presence through translation? Reach our professional translators and learn how localization can help your business. 



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