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Who we are

We translate to English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, ItalianAsian and Arabic languages -In all its combinations-. More than nine million words annually!

 Why us

When we receive a Project, we evaluate it’s: Scope, complexity, length and whichever other special consideration that may arise.

The ieb Translation Services Team is responsible for finding ways to ensure the project is delivered successfully and on time. This is a challenge due to the large number of freelancers in our network that are able to fulfill a successful final delivery.

Many times clients have a specific text, but they need to make sure the wording is perfect. A text with spelling, punctuation or grammar mistakes may make your company or business lose credibility. For these occasions, we offer correction and edition services, where the fee will be per word.

How we do it

Upon receiving a project, we evaluate: scope, complexity, length and any other special consideration that may arise. Based on the time factor decision, we feed the network with all the insights to start the production of the project. It is the responsibility of the ieb Translation Services team to find ways to successfully ensure that the project is delivered on time. This is a challenge due to the huge number of network members who are qualified to make a successful final delivery.

At the same time that the production stage begins, our quality assurance process starts based on the request’s guidelines, time window and quality checks or whatever else is required.

Leadership is a critical part of our process as it takes vision and skill to find the right people to communicate concisely and with clarity what is required in order to deliver a quality translation within the time frame.

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