We provide translation and localization for general texts, contracts and agreements, documents with a great number of technical terms, and also interpreting services for meetings and conferences. Moreover, we can provide specialized staff to work in-house in your company or institution.

Our offer is based on your needs. Our service packages are specially developed for your requirements with highly competitive rates and guarantee per sale in all our products.

Monthly fee

A specialized consultant will contact you to assess your requirements and agree on a monthly rate. This will let you know and plan the costs for our translation services for the whole year. A Project Manager will be appointed to carry on with all your requirements, with thorough knowledge of your business, delivery times, technical requirements and quality.

Preferential price per word

The best fixed price per word in the market. Your company will receive the best rate for all its needs establishing an extremely competitive price per word and a number of words to produce annually.

In-house Project Managers

Do not incur extra costs in hiring. If your production volume is very high, you might want to be appointed an In-house Project Manager to handle all your requirements immediately. Our services are the best ones in the market and our rates highly flexible.

Solutions customized for your business

IEB Task Force offers adequate and personalized solutions. Contact us to receive a budget according to your needs.


We localize text according to the required language variety to guarantee the efficiency of the message transmitted to the targeted audience (e.g. Spanish from Spain or Latin America in all its varieties).

Interpreting services

Your business without borders. We provide interpreters for conferences, seminars, academic conferences and business meetings. To ensure communication and understanding among all the people involved in your company or organization, you can rely on our experience and work ethics of our specialized interpreters.


It often happens that you already have a finished text, but want to make sure the writing is perfect. A text with spelling, punctuation or grammar mistakes can cause your company or business to lose credibility. For those situations, we offer proof and editing services in which there will be a fixed rate per word.

DTP (Graphic Design)

IEB Translation Services is an expert in graphic design standards, state-of-the-art DTP software and typographic composition. Our DTP experts can recreate documents or embed text in diverse graphic design software and in different languages to comply with requirements established by our clients.


We offer translation to more than 150 languages, and localization and multimedia solutions.


Our professionals can transcribe audio and video files from a wide range of topics: from legal and justice to the entertainment industry. We can provide transcriptions in various formats and include timecodes.


We can assess your translation requirements to optimize delivery times and costs of any of your projects. We will appoint the perfect staff to design an ideal business solution for your company.


In the era of digital platforms, on demand television and binge-watching series, video subtitling becomes vital in the translation industry. We ensure high-quality subtitles and precisely adapted for the target audience, with a loyal reproduction of the creative and cultural essence of every content.

Machine translations postediting

Machine translation is gaining popularity in the translation industry. We offer Machine Translation Post Edition (MTPE) to reach a high-quality final product to ensure our clients a convenient price for the product and the fastest responses possible.