Translations and editions

Types of texts

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    Legal documents

    certificates, records, etc.

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    Schools text

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    Cover letters

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    Specialized texts

    (legal, scientific, technical, financial and medical, etc.)

“Many times clients have a specific text, but they need to make sure the wording is perfect. A text with spelling, punctuation or grammar mistakes may make your company or business lose credibility. For these occasions, we offer correction and edition services, where the fee will be per word.”


We localize the text according to the variant of the required language to ensure the effectiveness of the message transmitted to the target audience (e.g., Spain Spanish or Latin-American Spanish in all its variants).


ieb Translation Services is expert in graphic design standards, the newest DTP software and typographic composition. Our experts in DTP can recreate documents or implement texts on different graphic designs and languages to meet the requirements established by our clients.


Our professionals can transcribe audio or video from a vast array of topics: covering from judicial ones to those from the entertainment industry. We can provide transcriptions in several formats and include time codes.


When we are working with academic degrees or diplomas, authentication before the Ministry of Education, or other agencies, allows us to confirm that the document has been issued by a higher education institution acknowledged by the State and with authorization to offer the applicable academic program. The formality before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs guarantees that the documents issued in the country of origin have academic and legal validity abroad.

Machine Translation Post-Editing

Machine translation is gaining more popularity in the translation industry. We post-edit machine generated translation to achieve a high-quality final product which ensures our clients a cost-effective product and fast turnaround time. We specialize in all types of machine translation and in the languages English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Transcreation /Copywrite

We copywrite and transcreate content for advertising and marketing for our target languages of Spanish and English. During transcreation, intent, style, tone and context is preserved, making it resonate in other languages and cultures. During copywriting, we produce brief, effective and evocative text designed to promote a person, business, opinion or idea.



At ieb Translation Services, we understand that our clients from the legal industry need much more than simple language and translation services to support their documentation disclosure strategies and global litigations. Thus, lawyers, assistants and the legal department requiring the service may focus on that thing they do best: win. We focus on translating their texts.


We understand the obstacles posed by the specific regulations and confidentiality that the financial services companies face when communicating with their clients, employees and international stakeholders.

Regardless of whether the documentation has marketing purposes or is for internal use, distribution to customers or drafting of periodical public information, our specialized solutions allow you to produce documents with final quality, maintaining high standards.


ieb Translation Services serves innovative leaders in the scientific and health care industries: biotechnology, pharmaceutical, clinical research and medical device companies trust in our translation services, accurate technical terminology and proper localization. Our language solution service includes translations of clinical trials, medical interpretation and regulatory translation. The ieb Translation Services’ Life Sciences team has expertise and experience in the medical and scientific are to guarantee high quality translations for the market.